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Mother's Little Girl

Title: Mother's Little Girl
Words: 714
Rating: R for language
Characters: Tara, Donny, Mrs. Maclay

Mother’s Little Girl

Luckily for him, the lock was on the outside of the bedroom door, she couldn’t get out, but anyone could get in. He smirked to himself as he slid the deadbolt out of place and pushed to door open, looking at the figure curled up on her bed, shaking.

Donny Maclay walked into the room and threw the plastic baggy full of ice cubes at his little sister, it hit her in the back of the head and he couldn’t help but laugh. “There you go, you little whore.”

She groped blindly for it, not wanting to look her brother in the face. She pressed it against the bruises on her stomach and closed her eyes. The taste of blood lingered in her mouth from her cut tongue. Bruises in the shape of her father’s belt buckle covered her back underneath her clothes.

“You know, I knew it. I knew you were screwed up in the head,” he said, beginning to pace her bedroom floor. “Le’s face it.” He clapped his hands together, “You’re a freak, sis. I mean, beside the whole you’re demon hellspawn thing, the freaky magic shit…ya never had no friends or boyfriends. Makes sense now-” He sat down heavily on the foot of her bed. “You’re a fuckin’ dyke.”

He nearly doubled over in the most disgustingly mirthful laughter, Tara had ever heard. She curled her knees to her chest, trying to make her so small she’d just disappear, but he was enjoying himself way too much to stop the harassment now.

“You should’a seen the look on yer fuck buddy’s face when Dad threw ‘er out of here.” He got up, and began pacing again. “She looked so angry, tellin’ ‘im, ‘e couldn’t keep ya two apart. You’d almost think she was a person, not a freak of nature.”

He circled to the other side of the bed and knelt down, trying to look her in the eyes, but she just closed them. He smirked and stood back up, “He pulled ya outta school, ya know. Yer not gonna go back there an’ get smoochy with yer other sinning slut.” With one last laugh he left the room and slid the deadbolt back into place behind her.

The blonde peeked over her shoulder just to make sure he was gone before she unfolded herself and lay flat on her back, wincing as her bruises came into contact with the hard mattress. She stared up at the ceiling, trying to block out the sound of her father’s voice in her head as he bellowed, cursing her lustful and unnatural nature. Saying how glad he was that her mother wasn’t alive to see her like this.

She wiped the blood from her lip and looked at it as it lingered on her fingers.

“Oh sweetheart, are you alright?”

Tara’s eyes welled up with unshed tears as she shook her head slowly. “N-no.”

Mrs. Maclay sat down on the side of Tara’s bed looking down at the figure of her daughter as she melted into sobs. She looked down at the dried blood, the bruises, and recalled her own days living under the tyrannical rule of her husband.

“Tara, sweetheart, listen to me.” She whispered in a soothing voice. Tara sniffed, wiping tears from her eyes as she focused on the image of her mother. “I need you to get out of here, take the high school equivalency exam, you’re brilliant, you’ll do amazingly. Go to college, and be free. You don’t deserve the life I had.”

And with that, she was gone.

Tara’s father said he’d been disgusted. His daughter was a lesbian, and he’d caught her locking lips from a girl she went to high school with. She gave into unnatural lusts, and committed crimes against god. 

Her mother would’ve understood. Tara was young, and she was in love. And love, her mother had taught her, was the most precious thing in the world. Though her father was glad she was gone, all Tara wanted was for her mother to be here, for real. She wouldn’t have been able to stand up to her husband, but she would have been there by her side with a cup of tea and some healing herbs to make the pain go away a little faster.