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Title: Visitor
Words: 429
Rating: G
Characters: Angel
Setting: BTVS S5

A lone bouquet of blood red roses found their way on top of a grave designated by a headstone engraved with the name “Jenny Calendar”. There were no other flowers, or stones, or any indication that this burial site had received a visitor in a very long while. With three years having gone by, grass grew thick on the ground above the casket, he noted as it flattened beneath his tread. Angel closed his eyes as he thought of the woman he put in the grave beneath him.

He was sure he felt the burn of an incriminating glare against the back of his neck, despite the fact that he was very much alone in this graveyard. The light wind growled accusations- you don’t deserve to be here. No. The vampire… the man who stood here tonight, was not the one she’d known when she was alive, even before he’d lost his soul.

“Hi, Jenny.” He started off quietly, opening his eyes to gaze upon her name. “It’s been a while. I was, uh… in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by.” He shifted his weight from one foot to another. He’d never spent time talking to the dead before, at least not to dead who didn’t speak back.

“There’s a lot…” He started again. “A lot of things that you really deserve to know.” He tried to form the first sentence of what she needed to know, but the words stuck in his mouth. So many thoughts trying to come out at once that they bottlenecked and he choked on them.

“Your work… your curse… it saved more lives than you can imagine. You saved more lives than you can imagine.”

He squatted down, sitting back on his heels as he ran his fingers over the engraving. “Not just the oblivious ones, going about their days, being with their families, doing their jobs, not knowing that here in Sunnydale I was about to suck them into hell. You touched so many lives, you helped the hopeless. So many lonely people who needed a hand to pick them up.” He said as he came back to his feet.

“You gave me my soul back, and you made me realize I have a purpose.” He paused. “Well actually that was a combination of the world’s greatest original evil assuming your form and one very emotional vampire slayer…” sidetrack over. “Speaking of… she really needs me right now.”

He stepped backwards to get a full view of the grave, the headstone, the flowers. “Thank you,” he said softly “You saved me.”