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Love, Willow

Title: Love, Willow
Words: 623
Rating: PG
Characters: Willow, mentions of Xander, Oz, and Cordelia

Dear Buffy,

It’s been 46 days since you left… and a lot has been going on.

I got my haircut today! It’s shoulder length and all fun and bouncy. I really like it.

The Bronze added some new stuff to the menu. This kind of onion flower thing, I don’t like it that much, Xander really likes it. You have to come back and try it. We need a deciding vote cause we can’t figure out what Oz thinks about it and Cordelia’s off in vacationland. Xander is such a goof sometimes. He’s so sure you’ll be on his side so he can do the gloaty dance of I’m Superior. So you gotta pick my side okay? Cause we’re all… women powery. Right?

Speaking of Oz, he took me to the movies last week. He even bought me popcorn and we shared a soda. It was the sweetest thing ever! He and I are starting to get really serious, and he’s gonna be going off to college. Well, if he goes to summer school. He kinda didn’t graduate but that’s okay, he just has to spend his summer studying and I can help him out and… then he’ll be at college and I’ll still be in high school and it’ll be all weird because he’s so much older. My mother would have a heart attack! But I mean, I guess you know what it’s like to have an older boyfriend, but I don’t know what to do. It’s pretty scary.

Speaking of scary, we’ve been running into bunches of vampires. Oz and Xander and I have been fighting them as much as we can. It’s tricky. I dunno how you do it, Buffy Well I guess you have the whole… supernatural strength and speed thing which… we kind of don’t. Okay. I do get how you do it. None of us are really big on the strongness.

I’ve been trying to figure out some kind of spell to help but… way advanced. I can barely float a pencil. I think I got it about half an inch off the desk before I lost control and it smacked into the window. At least it didn’t hit me in the eye. I’ve been reading a lot about magic since… the spell I did. But I guess I’m just not good enough. I can’t talk to Giles about it since he’d be all “Magic isn’t a toy” or you know… something similar but a lot more long winded because he’s Giles and that’s what he does. And Xander’s only experience with magic is looking at the scantily clad engravings. I could’ve talked to Jenny but she’s… dead.

So really I can’t talk to anyone about anything can I? Buffy, I need a best friend to talk to. A best girl friend, and you’re my best girl friend. And you’re not here! I don’t know where you are but you just up and leave us without saying a word or anything! It’s hard! The slaying and the keeping people from dying and the life stuff too! We’re a mess without you! So how could you!? How could you do this to us! We’re your friends and if you’re having trouble we’re all here to talk to and help you like you’re supposed to be here and help us. But if you’re too much of a bitch then maybe you should just stay gone!

Love, Willow.

Willow frowned and looked down at the email. They always ended up like that. She stared at the empty “To:” space and sniffled. Wiping a tear away from her cheek, she clicked on the “x”.

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