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50 Sentences About Willow And Tara

Title: 50 sentences About Willow and Tara
Words: ~1100
Rating: G-R
Setting: Various from S4-S8 to The Chosenverse (only #48 and 49)
Pairing: W/T
For: 1sentence

#01 - Air
When they are done, the air is hazy with smoke and thick with the scent of incense and sex.

#02 - Apples
She can taste the sweet juice that lingers on Tara’s lips and it makes her hunger for more of her lover.
#03 - Beginning
She never realized avenging Tara would be the beginning of the end.
#04 - Bugs
Invisible girls, bug demons, exploding high schools- with memories as grand as this, how could she ever be a part of Willow’s life?
#05 - Coffee
They agreed to meet for coffee, just coffee and just as friends, but before the first sip they could no longer deny how deeply they were lying to themselves.

#06 - Dark
Tara blew out the candle, enveloping them in comforting darkness and a sweet promise.
#07 - Despair
As realization sunk in, it felt as though the bullet pierce her own heart and she couldn’t understand why life wasn’t seeping from her as well?

#08 – Doors
She never thought knocking on a door would be this hard, she lied to herself saying that holding the candle made her afraid to catch it on fire, but really she was afraid that Tara wouldn’t want her.

#09 – Drink
She was just kissing her now, drinking deep the sweetness of her lover’s mouth- her oasis in the desert, praying it was no mirage.
#10 – Duty
She looked into the eyes that so desperately wanted to look back at her and see everything that was, everything that had been- but even if she couldn’t reverse what Glory had done, she’d always be there, by her side, searching for the glimmer of recognition in her eyes.

#11 – Earth
Even though she wasn’t there, she could feel it, the body lowered into the ground- it’s all connected after all- she knelt and touched the earth, but refused to say goodbye.
#12 – End
Things were never like this with Oz, never quite so passionate, so tender- being with Tara, Willow never wanted it to end.
#13 – Fall
Tara could see Willow at the edge, about to teeter over into darkness, and knew not ever her love could save her.
#14 – Fire
Tara was sure she saw the a tiny, surprising glimmer of lust in Willow’s eyes right before she blew the candle out- she felt a grin spreading across her own face.
#15 – Flexible
“I c-can come over, whenever,” Tara blushed, the mere thought of spending more time with Willow making her heart do summersaults in her chest.

#16 – Flying
A foot above the dance floor, there was nothing but the music and them.
#17 – Food
Willow pushed her mashed potatoes around on her plate as her mother went on about what the DSM-IV said about homosexuality- Tara just smiled and nodded.
#18 – Foot
Tara sat on her bed, looking at her wrenched ankle and realized that if Willow were here she’d probably try some healing spell- she wouldn’t say it out loud, but part of her wanted it, mostly the Willow part.
#19 – Grave
As Willow touched the tombstone, for the first time she knew this wouldn’t be forever- or maybe she just hoped.
#20 – Green
Be brave for once- Tara commanded herself- You’re just asking her out for tea, not fighting monsters.

#21 - Head
She cried out pleas to stop as she saw the red hair soak up the darkness, but it was no use- she couldn’t reach the living.

#22 - Hollow
Tara either couldn’t or wouldn’t remember her life pre-Willow.   

#23 - Honor
The only ones allowed to truly come back from the dead are those restored by darkness for evil, or champions who are needed and Willow knew someday Tara would be needed.
#24 - Hope
Willow’s heart hammered wildly in her chest as she waited for Tara’s class to end.
#25 – Light
Trembling, Willow thought, if they ever met again, in this life or the next, could Tara see the darkness and forgive her?

#26 – Lost
Amid the swirl of incoherent thoughts and noises that now controlled her, the only thing that rang clearly was Willow’s voice.
#27 – Metal
Willow leaned on the glass case as Xander asked her opinion on wedding bands, but she didn’t hear him, she was distracted by rings she’d never give Tara.
#28 – New
Willow knew now why Buffy slept with Spike, Kennedy’s hot touch made her forget the pain… at least for a little while.
#29 – Old
When their hands locked, Willow could feel it- her power, old, spanning back generations of witches, and she knew this power would save them.
#30 – Peace
The blissful calm settled around them as Willow introduced Tara to the “Big Battle? Let’s Do It” Scooby tradition.

#31 - Poison
Willow grew to envy Tara’s death- she never knew it happened- but the memory of that event would surge through Willow’s veins like poison until it destroyed her.
#32 – Pretty
A pretty face seen across the room- a spark set off forever.
#33 – Rain
Tara watched the rain splatter against her window and knew, across town, Willow was crying again.
#34 - Regret
Her only regret about quitting cold turkey was that magic had brought her to Tara in the first place.

#35 – Roses
February 11th- Tara found rose number nine in front of her dorm room door.

#36 - Secret
Would Willow still love her if she knew Tara was a demon- well that was a silly question.
#37 – Snakes
Temptation, power, promise- Willow was consumed, Tara was afraid.
#38 – Snow
Willow watched as the snow piled up around the castle grounds, tearfully recalling Tara’s stories of childhood blizzards, snow people, and hot chocolate.
#39 – Solid
Their connection couldn’t be broken- not even by death.
#40 – Spring
There was one life that the renewal of spring couldn’t restore.

#41 – Stable
Tara giggled as Willow stumbled back from the whinnying horse, “Are you sure it’s not gonna bite me?”
#42 – Strange
Being near Willow made Tara feel human for once.
#43 – Summer
The cold shower to cool off Willow’d suggested soon proved to be anything but.
#44 - Taboo
She couldn’t look at her father’s face and introduce Willow as her girlfriend.

#45 - Ugly
She would’ve never wanted Tara to see this darkness in her.

#46 – War
Tara didn’t want to se Willow go into battle with this Adam guy, but she saw her strength and knew she’d survive.
#47 – Water
Tara drew a warm bath, trying to soothe away some of the stress of life without Buffy, but the only thing that could calm her down was when Willow joined her.
#48 – Welcome
What can you say to a love one returned from the dead- welcome back?
#49 – Winter
The icy air chilled her to the bone but Tara’s hand was warm, alive.
#50 – Wood
Tara’d never staked a vampire before, but hearing Willow’s encouraging words she felt part of the group and part of Willow’s life.


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Aug. 15th, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC)
Wow, great job!
Aug. 15th, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
=D Thanks!
Aug. 15th, 2007 10:45 pm (UTC)
Aug. 15th, 2007 11:02 pm (UTC)
Aug. 16th, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
Aww, these are so good...*sniffle* I miss Tara...
Aug. 16th, 2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
I do too. T-T
Aug. 18th, 2007 12:39 pm (UTC)
#23 - Honor
The only ones allowed to truly come back from the dead are those restored by darkness for evil, or champions who are needed and Willow knew someday Tara would be needed.

This one is my favourite... but they're all awesome!!

I miss Tara, too!
Aug. 18th, 2007 08:51 pm (UTC)
very evocative
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