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Before The Full Moon

Title: Before The Full Moon
Words: 200ish
Characters: Oz, Veruca
Pairing: Willow/Oz, Oz/Veruca
Setting: S4
Rating: PG

The moon hung nearly full above Sunnydale.

Two nights until the full moon and she felt it. The wolf writhing beneath her skin, begging to be released, contained by the cruel lunar cycle. So she ran. She ran bare through the woods as the moonlight trickled through the trees in Miller’s Woods.

It was almost that time of month and he felt it. The air hung thick with urgency tonight, tomorrow brought with it the first of three nights he hated. So he strummed. He strummed a pensive chord on his guitar as the moonlight bathed him through the window.

Hot and soaked with sweat, Veruca leaned against a tree gazing up at the hints of silver that peeked through the canopy. She drew in a deep breath and let out a deep howl. He was out there and the moon was shining on him too.

Numb and plagued with thoughts, Oz lay down his guitar and answered the door to let Willow in. He greeted her as usual, with a hug and a kiss. On the way to bed, he glanced out the window, sure he heard a howl in the distance. She was out there, and the moon was shining on her too.

The moon hung nearly full above Sunnydale.