Ray (rayruz) wrote in tulipfic,

Never The Same

Title: Never the Same
Words: 100
Rating: PG
Character: Willow
Setting: BTVS S7
Written for open_on_sunday's prompt "right"

The sky’s a few shades greyer than it used to be, even without clouds. The leaves and the grass are all just a little less green.

Breathing is harder. And tears are a fact of life, constantly tugging at the corners of her eyes. Her friends are quieter, they never know what to say to her anymore. She’s not the reliable dog geyser person she used to be.

Willow’s eyes look at the head stone, but they don’t see it. When she sees it everything will stop being not-quite-right and everything will start being wrong and be wrong forever.
Tags: #buffyverse: willow, length: drabble, pairing: willow/tara, rating: g/pg
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