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High School is Hell- Chapter Three

Title: High School Is Hell
Chapter: Three
Words: 1129
Rating: PG-13
Characters: The Scrappy Gang (Dawn, Kit, Carlos)
Setting: BTVS S7
Written For: 10hugs  Prompt Destiny

Chapter Three

“Buffy told you about me, right? She told you to pretend to be my friend?”

“No. Maybe. Cassie she was scared. She wanted to help you.”

“Well, she can’t.”

“Maybe she can. She’s not like you think. She’s got powers… of helping. And look, she was worried and now I’m worried and I wasn’t pretending at all. I really wanted to be your friend.”

“You are my friend.”

“I am?”

“Yeah. Just remember. I’m not as dumb as I look.”


“I had a dream about Cassie.” Kit blurted out, shattering the silence that had settled over the three teens as they sat in the student lounge. “Last night…” she added quietly.

Dawn finally stared up from her thumbs, which she had been staring at, apparently fascinated by them twiddling since the bus took them back from the funeral. “What happened?”

Kit rubbed her hands together, as though warming frozen digits despite the weather which was clearly in the 70s. “Well I was walking around through the halls of the school… and it was dark and late and spooky… kinda like how it is during the day only… you know… nighttime. And anyways, I saw her walking down the hall and decided to follow her… or well I followed her because it was a dream and I just did, but anyways she stopped and asked what I was doing following her, she told me that I shouldn’t be.

“And I told her I didn’t want to see her go. So she replied that I shouldn’t follow her. That you can’t cling to stuff that’s gone. She told me to cherish the friends I still had while they were here, because eventually everyone leaves. Then she opened this door and it opened up into a bright field…” Kit said, her voice trailing off.

“That’s…” Dawn frowned as she looked for a word. “Creepy. What happened next?”

“There was someone in the field. I don’t know who. Some blonde girl… said something like ‘Tell her not to listen.’… and then there were flying cheesecakes.” She confessed. “With little wings and everything. I have weird dreams.”

“I’ve heard weirder.” Dawn assured her quietly. “But I think we can disqualify it from the realm of prophetic dreams on the grounds of cheesecake.”

“I just can’t believe it.” Carlos said, uttering the first words he had since the beginning of the day. “I mean we worked our asses off trying to help her.” Off Dawn’s look he amended, “Okay, you worked your ass off trying to help her. And we saved her… and she still died. What the hell, I mean why are we trying to help if it just keeps happening like this? It’s pointless.”

“Hey,” Dawn said. “Don’t talk like that…” her voice shook as she talked, raising a hand to wipe the fresh bout of tears which were flowing from her eyes. “Okay? We helped. Sorta… she wasn’t murdered… she died a natural death… I guess she was supposed to die or something… fate… like that.”

“You can’t fuck with fate?” Carlos mumbled.

“Nope.” Dawn sighed wiping her face with both hands and drawing in a shaky breath to steady herself. “Can’t ef with fate.”

“Then what are we doing?” Carlos asked.

“Stopping what isn’t fate. I mean… I don’t think Sunnydale was fated to be overrun with vampires… otherwise my family would’ve never come here.” Dawn replied. “I’m… kinda hungry. Do you guys want anything?”

No reply. Kit and Carlos merely glanced around the room in silence.

“I’ll be right back then.” Dawn said, pushing herself off the couch and disappearing down the hall towards the cafeteria.

“Damn, man. I need a smoke.” Carlos grunted, accenting the sentence by kicking the floor.

Kit sighed turning to face him. “I wish you wouldn’t.” Off Carlos’s blink she continued, “I just… don’t like it when you smoke. And besides, it’s like Dawn said… we die when we’re fated to die. Do you really wanna make yourself die sooner by killing yourself with that stuff?”

A soft smiled had formed on the Hispanic boy’s lips, and Kit grew instantly indignant, her arms folding over her chest. “Do you think that’s funny? That you’re killing yourself? I mean smoking? You wanna die you should just go stand in a graveyard at night and, why are you laughing Mr. Carlos Trejo?”

“I just never thought you actually put any thought into what I do with myself.” He said.

“Well duh.” Kit said, throwing her arms around him. “You’re my friend, you big dummy. I don’t want you dying on me.”


Tentatively, Dawn raised her hand and tapped on Buffy’s office door before sliding it open and peeking her head in. “Hey…” she said softly.

“Hey,” Buffy replied with a sad smile. “How’re you holding up?”

“It’s hard… it’s harder than I thought.” Dawn said, crossing and sitting in front of Buffy’s desk. “I didn’t even know her all that well… but… god I hate it here! I do all this big strong talking to Kit and Carlos because they’re new… and we need their help and I don’t wanna scare them off… but Buffy this sucks!” Dawn shook as the sobs started coming. “I hate losing people. I hate this place! We lost mom here! I lost you here! This place is hell.”

Sighing Buffy circled her desk and knelt down in front of Dawn, holding her hands and smiling sadly. “I know… you never wanted to move here in the first place. When Mom said we were moving you locked yourself in your room and cried for hours. And we couldn’t get you to come out, you just kept yelling about how-”

“-It was all your fault for burning down the gym.” Dawn finished. “And hey… it was all your fault.”

“But it’s not all bad Dawnie…”

“Yes it is.” She sniffled. “And you know that never really happened.”

Buffy reached out, stroking a lock of Dawn’s hair. “Of course it happened. I remember it. And besides… you’re one of the good things this place brought me. So see? Not all bad.” Buffy paused. “Except on days when you steal my clothes.” She said, tugging at the shirt Dawn was wearing.

Rising to her feet Buffy smiled. “Go on home, you can invite the Scrappies to go with you. I have some work to finish up here…”

Dawn nodded and slipped out of the room, back to the lounged.

“So,” Carlos spoke, “Get food?”

“Huh?” Dawn blinked and shook her head. “Oh yeah… yum. Anyways…” She paused then tackled the pair in a giant group hug. “I love you guys, you know that right?”

Without any answer other than a trio of laughter, the group got up, grabbed their bags, and headed for the door.

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