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Teddy Bears, Tea, and Trauma

Title: Teddy Bears, Tea, and Trauma
Setting: BTVS s2
Words: 250
Characters: Buffy, Dawn
Rating: PG
Written for: still_grrr prompt Ted

“I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!” Dawn sobbed into her teddy bear, curled up on her bed. Buffy sat beside her, fingers absently stroking the dark hair as she stared out the window.

“I guess it was inevitable that mom was gonna date other guys.” Buffy sighed.

“Shut up!” Dawn threw the bear at her. “Don’t. Say. That.”

Buffy winced and turned to her, “Hey, don’t throw stuff. You’re gonna break something.”

“You hate Dad.” Dawn declared through gritted teeth.


“You hate Dad. If you loved Dad you’d hate Ted. I hate you!” she pounded on her sister’s leg.

“Dawnie, stop.” Buffy seized her arms. “Hitting me isn’t gonna make Ted go away.”

“Too bad.” Dawn pouted.

“Not for my leg it’s not.” Buffy said. She sighed as she released her sister from her grasp. She reached out, touching her sister’s hair. “Tell you what. We’ll get some pillows and blankets and make a Ted-free, zone, how about that?”



“Dawnie?” Buffy knocked lightly on the door frame.

“Go. Away.” She choked from under the covers.

She treaded lightly into the room, “I brought tea?” she offered.

“No. Now go!” she squeaked.

She set the mug down on the nightstand. “Mr. Teddy wants you to come out from under there.”


“Say what? Mr. Ted….oh…”

“You. Don’t. Get. To. Say. His. Name. You killed him! You couldn’t handle that he was replacing Dad so you murdered him!” She cried. “This is a Buffy-free Zone. Now. Go!”