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A Tale in 50 Sentences Willow/Fred

!Title: A Tale in 50 Sentences
Pairing: Willow/Fred
Rating: PG - PG-13
Fandom: Angel (Buffyverse)
Author's Note: It started off as 50 sentences and turned into a narrative based on an AU idea I had where Willow was working at Wolfram and Hart as an agent of the new Watcher's Council to keep an eye on Angel.

Written for 1sentence 

#01 – Comfort
Fred knows the story, Willow wears the pain of loss on her smile, but she extends a hand of friendship, a new beginning.
#02 – Kiss
She’d never kissed a girl before, it’d never even occurred to her that she’d like it before she suddenly found Willow’s lips pressed to hers alone in the lab that night- she ran away wordlessly unable to admit how good it felt.
#03 – Soft
Lying in bed that night, thoughts of the kiss raced through her mind; those silken lips against hers was a sensation that she couldn’t erase.
#04 – Pain
Willow was accustomed to heartbreak, she was less accustomed to being wrong, she’d been so sure that Fred had been flirting with her; and she carried that pang of disappointment in her heart to sleep with her.
#05 – Potatoes
Willow avoided the lab all morning, and Fred avoided Willow’s office; when Fred ran into Willow having lunch in the break room, all awkwardness was ended with the offer, “French fry?”

#06 – Rain
It didn’t rain often enough for Fred’s taste, but it rained that evening when the pair had agreed to go out to a real dinner together- it must have been strange to the passersby who saw the two women in professionalwear trying to splash each other, jumping into puddles.
#07 – Chocolate
Fred realized a tad too late that spoonfeeding Willow a piece of chocolate cake didn’t do anything to deconfuse the previous night’s events.
#08 – Happiness
It was on the walk back to Fred’s place that the question inevitably came up; Fred had to hear the words, Willow liked her; Willow needed a reply, “You make me happy.”
#09 - Telephone
“Are you asleep?” came Fred’s voice over the phone at three in the morning, “Sorry to call so late, I just couldn’t sleep.”

#10 - Ears
As the week wore on, Fred noticed the little things, like the little blush behind Willow’s ears whenever they spoke.

#11 – Name
“I’m just not sure I can call you my girlfriend.”
#12 – Sensual
It was during those late nights at the office that Willow would think of the warmth of Tara’s love, the fire of Kennedy’s touch, and just how alone she felt right now.

#13 – Death
Fred didn’t know what happened when people died, she wishes that she did but no science in the world could give her the answer; something about Willow’s magic called to her.
#14 – Sex
“I could see you doing a girl,” Gunn joked when Fred had come to him confessing her dilemma; “You’re just no help at all, Charles.”
#15 – Touch
It was late in the lab once again, Fred felt her heart flutter when Willow’s hand brushed her shoulder.

#16 – Weakness
She knew she shouldn’t, but in a moment of weakness Willow leaned in, only to find Fred kissing her instead.
#17 – Tears
“Why’re you crying?” Fred asked; Willow told her they were happy tears.
#18 – Speed
The next day, Fred felt everyone in the office staring at her, especially Knox; word must get around faster with evil mouths.
#19 - Wind
“Don’t listen to the gossip”, Willow assured her, “It’s just like the wind.”
#20 – Freedom
“You… and… Willow?” Angel asked, his eyebrows knit together as if trying to get his brain around a difficult puzzle, and Fred nodded smiling for once feeling secure in saying so.

#21 - Life
It was the first time since Tara’s passing that Willow truly felt alive again.
#22 – Jealousy
Fred was supposed to be his, and someday she would be, he would have his god.
#23 – Hands
It didn’t take long before the pair would walk the halls, fingers laced.
#24 – Taste
“Your lips taste like strawberries,” Fred smiled, Willow’d heard something like that before.
#25 – Devotion
New relationship paranoia is a killer, what if this was just experimentation that would pass, what if she would decide she couldn’t be with a witch, but all the worry buzzing about in her mind was hushed when she found flowers in her office.

#26 – Forever
Willow’s company apartment was more convenient than going home; it’s only been a month since they adopted the title of girlfriends, but it feels like it’s been forever.
#27 – Blood
“I’m such a klutz,” Fred self-deprecated, she’d nicked her hand on a broken beaker, Willow was glad to step in with a healing spell.
#28 – Sickness
Willow knew it, as soon as she laid eyes on her old friend, Cordelia wasn’t really there, she was slipping away, soon to be gone forever.
#29 – Melody
Fred hears Willow humming, half-singing to herself, a song about magic; she doesn’t know what this song is, but she doesn’t mind; Willow hums beautifully.
#30 – Star
They took off, left the city to look at the stars; Fred sees bright distant balls of gas, Willow sees souls of those long gone; they’re both right.

#31 – Home
Willow came to Wolfram and Hart to spy on Angel for the Watcher’s Council, but the past few months have made her feel so at home, that she’s forgotten her mission.
#32 – Confusion
Everything is connected, she learned that well, and something was on the move; it awoke Willow in a cold sweat.
#33 – Fear
Fred was looking at her as she bolted awake, “It was just a bad dream, it doesn’t mean anything,” but Willow wasn’t so sure.
#34 - Lightning/Thunder
Her curiosity struck her like a lightning bolt, Fred knew she should wait for a hazmat suit, but her scientific mind drew her in.
#35 – Bonds
She wasn’t anywhere near the lab at the time of the incident, but Willow felt something was wrong with her connection with Fred.

#36 – Market
Gunn sat in his office, never knowing that the effects of the bargain for his brain was about to strike.
#37 – Technology
“I’m fine, medical shooed me away germ-free, but anyways, Cavemen or Astronauts?”
#38 – Gift
Lorne cursed his ability to read people’s paths; after living through Fred’s anguish and Willow’s sorrow he would have to repeat it in slow motion.
#39 – Smile
Lying in the hospital bed, Fred gave Willow a weak smile, a knowing smile.
#40 – Innocence
Willow scoured every magical text she could find, refusing to believe there was no cure for the infection.

#41 – Completion
She found Fred in the lab, pale, shaking and stumbling, determined to create a cure for herself, but even her determination couldn’t keep her standing.
#42 – Clouds
Willow could see her eyes begin to glaze over, become distant, even as she tried to fight the infection.
#43 – Sky
Night descended on Los Angeles, as Willow held Fred’s shaking body in her arms.
#44 – Heaven
That night, Willow saw another lover’s soul ascend to heaven.
#45 – Hell
Willow couldn’t bring herself to join in the hunt for Illyria, she sat alone in her apartment shattered, alone in her personal hell.

#46 – Sun
The sun always sets, and the sun always rises, a never ending cycle, brought new days to Willow’s life, days where she had to look at Illyria and see Fred’s face.
#47 – Moon
Willow awoke one night to the moonlight shining on Illyria who watched her sleep, intrigued.
#48 – Waves
“I could feel the waves of lust you felt for this body, I wish to explore this further.”
#49 – Hair
As Willow watched the blue eyes, the blue skin, the blue hair; physical manifestations of that which killed her Fred; she knew she couldn’t do this anymore.
#50 – Supernova
“There’ll be a bright flash, like a mini-supernova, before the glamour kicks in, that should give you guys enough time to get with the planning, this is my last gift to you; kick their asses, Angel.”


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Apr. 15th, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
Lovely little sentences, suggesting entire scenes and pieces of story. I do hope we get more chapters of that story someday, I really enjoyed it. :D
Apr. 16th, 2009 12:05 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you did.
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