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Favorite (BSG)

Title: Favorite
Fandom: BSG
Pairing: Gina/Cain
Words: ~200
Rating: R
A/N: Written for bsg_pornbattle has prompted a plot bunny for a longer Gina/Cain fic

Everything about her overwhelmed her senses. The light pressure of her weight and the heat from her skin, the sweet taste of her lips and the fire of her kiss, the waves of pleasure that her fingers sent through her as they curled within her and the music of her moan as she came.

There wasn’t a single feature about Helena Cain that didn’t consume her every time she laid eyes on her, that didn’t keep drawing her back to her arms and her bed. But, if Gina had to pick a favorite feature, it would be her hair- the soft, silky mane that she’d run her hands through as Helena drove her into blinding ecstasy and that she’d gently caress as she lay next to her watching her sleep.

No, that wasn’t quite it.

Her favorite thing about Helena Cain was the way she would make her forget, for just a little while, that she was on a mission that would lead to her lover’s demise. When she was in the Admiral’s gaze or in her arms, she was just another woman in love.