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I'd Give My Life For Yours

Title: I'd Give My Life For Yours
Words: ~300
Rating: PG-13
Character: Darla
Setting: various

Darla lived for Darla alone. She had, what she considered to be, very strong self-preservation instincts. It didn’t matter who she hurt, who she abandoned, who she killed, so long as she got to go on surviving.

No one gave a care in the world about her- a nameless woman in Colonial Virginia, awash in a world controlled by men. Womanhood was her curse, but also a blessing. With her a flirtatious giggle and a batting of the eyes, she could take control and bring the men around her to their knees, making her quite wealthy in the process. But it wasn’t long until her business got the better of her, growing weaker by the day, death speeding towards her relentlessly. I’m fucked.

Then came the Master, who snatched her from her deathbed and handed her a new opportunity. In this second life, as in the first, with a giggle and a wink she would lure men close and drink deep, stealing their life from them. She was in control of her life and would never relinquish. But fate has other plans- there was Angelus, the gypsies, Sunnydale, and the Slayer. In the few seconds before she turned to dust at the hands of her childe, all she could think was: I’m fucked, never thinking she would get a second chance to which she would grasp, wrap her fingers around and never let go.

Then came the day Lindsey showed her the doctor’s report. Syphilitic heart condition. Two months to live.  She sat on his couch, gazing emptily at the paper in her hand. How dare they? How dare they dangle life in front of her face only to have it snatched away again? She crumpled the paper and all she could think was, I’m fucked, never thinking that in just a few days time her grandchilde would restore her immortality, putting eternity back in her grasp. She had it. Now she would never let go.

Then came the baby. The human baby. Half her. Half Angel. Womanhood was her curse. She tried desperately to rid herself of the parasite but to no avail, it grew and it grew. And as a pregnant mother shares with her son food and blood, he shared with her his soul, and with the soul came love. Darla was not alive, she could not share with it her life. In the few seconds before she turned to dust, handing over existence to him, all she could think was: I love you.