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You Are My Sunshine

Title: You Are My Sunshine
Rating: PG
Words: ~200
Character: Lorne
Setting: ATS S5

“You make me happy…”

It hit him like a piano getting dropped on Wile E Coyote. The pain, the sickness, the heat, and the madness. There was a loud screaming, a cacophony of sounds that would drive one to the brink of madness, sobs and prayers, the sounds of desperation, the sounds of pain. Then there was black. Then there was silence. There was nothing, just a vast sea of emptiness. No heaven, no hell, nothing. Complete oblivion.

He spun around and caught Fred as she fell, trying to keep from passing out himself. Her body twitched and convulsed in his arms as Wesley ran to help. “Get Medical! Someone get medical now!” The British voice echoed through the open halls of the Wolfram and Hart Offices, but it was merely a distant whisper to Lorne as he looked down at the face of Winifred Burkle.

One of the most beautiful, brilliant minds that ever came into being, one of the most beautiful, kind women that walked in this dimension, one of the sweetest, truest friends he’d ever known, and in a few hours, she wouldn’t just be dead, her soul would be gone. The pain, the anguish in his mind, was put on slow-mo repeat for those who missed it the first time. 

Lorne looked down on the face of Winifred Burkle and something inside him broke.