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ASBO Caprica (2/3)

Title: ASBO Caprica (2/3)
Fandom: BSG
Rating: PG-13 for language and sexuality
Characters: Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Karl Agathon, Sharon Valerii, Kat, Laura Roslin, Zak Adama
Summary: AU- Strange things continue to happen to Lee and the others, leading to a strange and dangerous confrontation with their probation worker. 
Length: ~3300 words
A/N: Written for callmeonetrack  who just had a birthday! *throws confetti* she prompted me with Kara and Lee as superheroes which promptly became entirely ripped from the premise of the show "Misfits." You don't need to know a damn thing about Misfits to read this fic though! Though if you know Misfits at all, you will see the end coming a mile away. Beta'd by the awesome leiascully

To Lee’s surprise, the next morning he was all but the last to arrive. When he pushed open the door to the locker room, the first thing he saw was Sharon enthusiastically waving her phone in Karl’s face.

“What did I miss?” Lee asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well,” Kara said, her voice dripping with sarcasm and a condescending smirk on her lips, “Sharon, here, seems to think she’s got some crazy power over her cell phone.”

“Not just my phone, anything electric. I can’t explain it, I just… okay watch this!” Sharon turned and stared at the light switch on the wall. Her eyes narrowed, her face becoming a mask of concentration. After a long moment, the lights in the room flickered.

The following silence was broken by the sound of slow clapping. “Bravo,” Kara drawled. “Really. Very impressive.”

“I’m serious! Last night I could control all the lights in my house. I turned on the microwave without touching any of the buttons. It’s crazy! I can’t explain it.”

“When did it start?” Lee asked.

Sharon spun around to face him, relief on her face. “I don’t know… yesterday was the first time. I mean, in the morning I realized I hadn’t charged my cell phone, but it worked fine all day. I guess it was just luck but then last night I… why?”

“Because something weird happened to me yesterday, too.” Lee admitted. “I uh… I fell through a door.” Quickly he spun towards Kara. “A closed door.” Kara held up her hands in mock defense. “Here.”

Lee dropped his backpack onto the floor and let the locker room door swing shut behind him. He backed up a few feet and turned to face it. He sucked in a deep breath and burst into a quick sprint towards the door.


Lee bounced off the hard wood and ricocheted backwards, landing ass first on the tile floor. Somewhere, Lee could hear Kara cackling, but his head was pounding too hard for him to make any kind of response.

“Come on, up you go.” Lee barely registered Karl’s voice as Karl hauled him to his feet. Strangely, as Lee stood up, his head felt suddenly clear, pain fading into a memory. Even the pain from his scraped-up wrists was gone. “You okay, man?”

Lee pulled his hand back and examined the skin on his wrists. There was no sign of scarring from yesterday. “You too,” he murmured.


“Yesterday when I fell through the door, I scraped up my wrists, and now they’re fine.” He held them up in demonstration.

“I think you just proved you can’t walk through doors, Lee,” Kara quipped.

“How’s your head?” Lee asked.


“Last night, Kat punched you. Shouldn’t you be feeling it?”

“So she’s a weak hitter, so what?”

“So she hit you so hard you fell backwards. But,” Lee turned to Karl, “He’s the one who held you back from going after her. And you were fine. Karl, I think you’ve got some kind of healing power.”

Kara’s hands fell to her side. “Leland, do you have any idea how insane you sound right now?”

“Well how do you explain it?”

“You’re all crazy. That’s how I explain it.” Kara turned and headed for the door.

Just as Kara approached the threshold, the door swung open, revealing Kat—dark circles under her eyes, and a cap pulled down far over her forehead. A quiet scowl passed between the two girls as Kara pushed past her.

Lee suddenly had the feeling that it was going to be a very long day.


Mountains of cardboard boxes filled the foyer of the community center--boxes and black garbage bags, and long tables spread before them. Today’s task: sorting donated clothes. Ms. Roslin had rasped that they had one day to get through it. Lee wasn’t sure what kind of consequence she could hold over them at this point.

“Pft, who the frak wore this!” Kara shouted, as she pulled a bright purple, lacy scrap that could hardly qualify as clothing from her box.

“Someone who gets laid more than you,” Kat sniped from her corner.

The purple garment whizzed through the air and landed squarely on Kat’s head. For a moment, Lee almost thought he could see smoke coming from Kat’s ears. But she didn’t retaliate, just took the underwear from her head and shoved it into the garbage.

“Don’t throw it out,” Kara protested.

“We can’t take underwear donations,” Karl pointed out.

“Give it to Leland, it should be right up his alley.”

Sharon rolled her eyes. “Seriously? You’re like a second grader picking on someone you’ve got a crush on.”

“Yeah right, like you haven’t been eye-frakking Karl, here, from day one,” she hissed and turned back to her box.

A smirk crossed Karl’s lips. “Kara? Do you have a crush on Lee? – OW!” He rubbed the spot on his arm where Kara’s fist had delivered a firm answer.

Sharon turned and looked expectantly at Lee, a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. “Gods help me,” Lee said, shaking his head, but it did nothing to wipe the cat-that-ate-the-canary grin off Sharon’s face.

Kara’s laughter broke the following silence as she pulled another piece of clothing from the box. The massively over-sized shirt read Someone Who Loves Me Got Me This Shirt on Picon with two cartoonish dolphins at the bottom. “Here you go, lover boy,” Kara drawled. She balled it up and launched across the room.

Lee ducked and the shirt went whizzing past him, but when he stood upright, the look on Kara’s and Karl’s faces was anything but amused. A low rumbling sound came from behind him and he turned to see Ms. Roslin holding the crumpled shirt with a scowl on her face.

“I leave you alone for five minutes and this is what I come back to!?” Ms. Roslin’s voice was a low growl which had Lee slowly backing up. Her eyes flashed darkly. “Though what else should I expect from a bunch of layabout, delinquent, worthless reprobates like you.”

“Hey!” Kara shouted. “You can’t talk to us like that.” Her head whipped around to Karl. “She can’t talk to us like that, right?”

Ms. Roslin’s eyes locked onto Kara, another growl escaping the cruel sneer on her lips. She held the twisted shirt in front of her and ripped it straight in two. Lee’s eyes went wide as he stumbled backwards away from the probation worker and fell into a pile of garbage bags.

Dark energy. Rage. It was the only way Lee could describe it. Ms. Roslin was radiating darkness, and her entire body seemed to ripple with it as she strode towards Kara. With one swift motion, Roslin grabbed the table Kara and Karl had been working at and flung it against the wall. It hit a window and the glass shattered.

Kara swung a blow at Roslin but it didn’t phase the older woman. Roslin retaliated with another swing that sent Kara flying into the wall. Karl, Sharon, and Kat all turned to where Kara was lying apparently unconscious in the far corner of the room.

Lee felt himself moving before he was even sure of what he was doing. He scrambled to his feet and ran towards Roslin, full speed. By some miracle, she didn’t see him coming. He threw himself against her and towards the wall—through it, and onto the floor of her office.

Lee got to his feet again. Ms. Roslin was stunned, but not out. She lay on the tile. Her body seemed to be rippling, growing, her face twisted and distorted into something monstrous, but Lee didn’t want to stick around and see what. He ran for the door and slid outside, instantly starting to look for something to block the door.

“Let me,” Sharon said as she ran towards him. The door, he noticed, had an electronic keypad. Sharon pressed her hand against it and sparks emitted from the panel. “Hopefully, that will jam it.”

“Hopefully?” Lee gaped.

“Right, let’s block it anyway,” Sharon agreed.

A few tables later, Lee and Sharon joined Karl, Kat, and Kara in the corner of the room.

“Gods, what the hell was that about?” Lee muttered.

“Clearly, Caprica City needs to screen their civil servants better,” Kara muttered, rubbing her head.

Kat stood with her arms folded across her chest, shaking her head rapidly. “That… that was… she wasn’t thinking.”

“Well obviously!” Karl said.

“No, I mean, she wasn’t thinking!” Kat snapped. “There was nothing in there but… darkness. Rage and destruction… it was animalistic. It’s like she wasn’t in there anymore.”

“And you know that how?” Kara groaned.

“Because I could read her mind, okay! I can hear thoughts. It’s been happening ever since that storm,” Kat said.

“Oh gods, not this bullshit again.”

“It’s true; all of it,” Sharon said, turning to look at Lee. “I watched him move through that wall.”


“Maybe I can fly,” Kara said, putting a case of beer down on the ledge. She hopped up onto the ledge and peered down over the edge. Lee watched her with wide eyes until she turned around and hopped back onto the roof looking disappointed.

“Where did you get the booze from?” Sharon asked as she popped the top off one of the bottles. “And how did you know there were lounge chairs up here?”

“I have my ways.” Kara grinned as she grabbed a beer. “Maybe I can talk to fish.”

“Why would you be able to talk to fish?” Kat rolled her eyes. “That’s the shittiest super power ever.”

“Well it’s not frakking fair,” Kara grumbled. “How the hell do you guys end up with powers and I don’t.”

“Maybe your power is getting the crap beaten out of you. You’re two for two right now,” Kat offered with a sarcastic shrug.

“And who do I have to thank for the first one.”

“Are we really just going to sit up here all day?” Lee asked.

“Killjoy,” Kara muttered.

“It’s noon, you’re all drinking beer, and we’re sitting on the community center’s roof while our probation worker is locked in her office downstairs!”

His protest was met by silence.

“Leland, if you want to go back downstairs with Franken-warden, then be my guest. Me? I like being alive.” Kara held up her beer bottle in a toast before taking a long swig.

Sharon nodded. “For once, I think she’s right. I mean, it’s not safe down there.”

“So then what are we supposed to do?” Lee asked. “This whole situation is frakked up.”

“I think I get the deciding vote seeing as I was the one on the painful end of her fist,” Kara said. “Until she chills the frak out, I say we don’t have to do a godsdamned thing she says.”

“And how are we going to know when she’s chilled?”

Kara shrugged. “Don’t know. Don’t care.”

“Maybe I could check it out?” Karl offered. “If something’s wrong maybe I could… you know, heal her or something? I still don’t know how this superhero thing works, really, but I could try.”

“Say that again.” Lee sat up, something about Karl’s words hitting a nerve.

“I could try to heal Ms. Roslin?”

“No, not that part, the other part.”

“I don’t know how this—”

“Superhero,” Lee finished.

“Oh please,” Kara groaned.

“Think about it,” Lee said. “We were brought here to help others, and now we can.” He stood and spun around to face the group.

“Lee, you can walk through walls, Kat reads minds, Sharon is a walking computer virus or something, Karl can fix boo-boos, and… I can’t do jack shit. What makes you think we could be superheroes?”

Lee deflated at Kara’s words. True, the assumption had been a bit premature, but he felt more disappointed than he would have anticipated. “I just thought… if we can do things that others can’t we should do some good.”

“How about we start with de-monsterizing Ms. Roslin before we think about helping anyone else.” Karl offered.


Lee held out an ice pack to the probation worker who sat slumped over her desk.

“I’m sorry to be so insistent,” Ms. Roslin said, “But can you tell me again, exactly what happened?” She took the ice pack from Lee and pressed it against her forehead, looking up at him over the rims of her glasses.

“The janitor left a huge wet spot in the middle of the floor this morning,” Lee said. In the doorway, Sharon and Kat nodded enthusiastically. “I told him he needed to put a sign up before someone got hurt, and then you walked you and slipped before he got back.”

“Yeah, so we brought you in here… and then you woke up,” Kara finished.

Ms. Roslin nodded slowly. “I woke up… six hours later?”

“Of course not,” Karl said. “You woke up after a few minutes, and then said you wanted to sleep it off.”

“And you let me sleep off a head injury?” Ms. Roslin arched an eyebrow.

“Hey,” Kara said, “You’re fine, we’re fine, and it’s five o’clock. So… see ya tomorrow.”

There was a chorus of goodbyes as Kara and the others rushed from the room. Lee turned to go but Roslin called after him. “Lee, one last question. How did my office get… like this?”

She gestured to the splintered furniture and Lee shrugged.

“Um. Earthquake?”

Ms. Roslin stared in bald-faced disbelief. “Lee…”

“I wish I had an answer for you,” he said. “But I really don’t know.”

“You’re a good person, Lee,” she said. “I have a lot of hope for you. I want you to remember that.”

“Thank you, Ms. Roslin… but I still don’t know what happened to your office.”

She let out a sigh and nodded, letting her head drop onto her desk and dismissing Lee with a wave of her hand.


“Where is everyone?”

Kara was the only one left in the locker room when Lee arrived, and she seemed to be taking her dear sweet time.

“They hauled ass out of here. Didn’t want to be around when Roslin found out we didn’t do a godsdamned thing today.” She shrugged as she unzipped her orange suit. She didn’t even bother to turn her back before yanking her shirt up over her head.

“I would’ve thought you’d be the first one out the door,” he said.

“Yeah, like you know a godsdamned thing about me,” she muttered, stooping over her clothes as she continued getting dressed. This time she turned away from him.

Lee folded his arms across his chest, tilting his head. “You’re not exactly making it easy on me.”

“And that’s just the way I like it.”

Gods, but she was impossible, it seemed like everything she did was calculated to keep everyone away. “So you just saved my life so you could keep me around as your personal whipping post, then?”

Kara spun towards him, shouting louder than he’d anticipated. “I might be a frak-up but that doesn’t mean I want to see you die!” For a moment, her eyes seemed to shine, like she was about to cry, but a look of fury snapped right back onto her face as she rushed to get dressed. “Get the frak out of my sight,” she hissed.

Lee stood, stunned and stuck to the spot. “Hey… I didn’t mean—”

“I said get out!”

Lee refused to move.

“Fine. Stay there. See if I care,” she growled.

“You don’t know anything about me either,” Lee pointed out.


“You’ve been picking at me and picking at me for three days straight and you don’t know a thing about me.”

Kara scoffed, shoving her orange jumpsuit into a locker. She turned to him, dressed in faded jeans and a t-shirt a size too big for her with a plunging neckline that revealed the top of her bra. “I don’t need to, I know exactly who you are. You’re a frakking martyr. Yeah, I heard about you on the news—Commander’s son getting arrested for assaulting a police officer? You’re a bored student with nothing better to do with your life than sit around pointing fingers at problems in the world than actually doing something. Occupy Caprica City or what the frak ever… You can have all the ideals in the world, but it’s not going to a damn thing to change the fact that the world frakking sucks. And when your community service is over you’re going to walk back to your frakkin’ perfect house with your frakking perfect life and your frakking perfect sneakers and—” Kara quickly shut her mouth and kicked the locker.

Lee stared, trying to process the whirlwind she had thrown at him. Part of him wanted to yell, she had no right to pass judgment on his life! On him! But somehow he couldn’t. For the first time since he’d met Kara Thrace, it seemed like he was actually getting a chance to see her, and for some strange reason he wanted to see more. “Can’t believe everything you hear on the wireless,” he said, crossing and uncrossing his arms.

“What? You didn’t beat up a cop in the name of truth and justice and whatever.”

“No, I did. I punched the bastard right in his face.” Lee nodded. “Not the smartest move, but I did it. You still didn’t tell me what you’re in for.”

“Yeah, I did. I got arrested for eating bar peanuts.”

“You’re insane.”


Lee shook his head. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

She shrugged one shoulder. “You go ahead.”

“What? You actually want to hang around here? Stay the night?” She didn’t respond and for a moment her eyes flicked towards the ground, and that told Lee everything he needed to know. “My gods, you’re staying here, aren’t you?”

Kara pasted a smile onto her face. “It’s a pretty sweet deal actually. No rent, free showers, tons of food in the kitchen.”

“What about your parents? Aren’t they…” Lee trailed off, the look on Kara’s face telling him that was the last thing he needed to be talking to her about. “Right. Well… have fun. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Why are you asking?” She rolled her eyes. “It’s a community service sentence, Adama. You’re stuck with me.”


Sometimes, the days when Mom made dinner were worse than the nights that she didn’t. By the time Lee got home, the table was set with music playing in the dining room and frakking candles on the table. He and Zak had to sit through the meal, watching their mother polish off a bottle of wine all the while complaining about how hard it had been for her to keep up appearances amongst her friends ever since Lee’s run in with the law.

“-an embarrassment, really.”

“An embarrassment?” Lee echoed. Gods, he’d heard enough bullshit, faced enough godsdamned judgement for one day, and he just couldn’t frakking take it anymore. “I’m the embarrassment? Look at you, Mom!” He got up from the table so quickly that he nearly knocked his chair backwards. “If it wasn’t for me taking care of everything around here, there’d be no appearances to keep up! Everyone would see that you’re a lazy drunk who can’t do a godsdamned thing for her family!”

“Leland Joseph Adama,” his mother replied in a cool and condescending voice. “You do not get to speak to your mother that way.”

“If you want me to treat you like a mother,” Lee said, “then maybe you should start acting like one.”

And then he was gone—out of the dining room, out the front door, out of the neighborhood. Running as far and as fast as he could to the only place he could even really think of going.

When he got to the community center, the door was locked and the lights were out. He banged on the door three times and waited but got no response. He picked up a pebble and tossed it at the window, he knew that the place wasn’t completely abandoned. But still, no answer from inside.

He was just about to give up, turn around, and find some other place to retreat to when he heard a voice shouting to him from above. “What do you want, Adama?”

Lee looked up to see Kara on the roof, staring down at him. “I uh… can I come in?”

“Won’t your parents be looking for you?” she called back.

They might not, but Zak would. He’d send him a message, let him know that he was okay and not to worry, but he was too mad to go back to the house, if he went back he’d say something else he’d regret and was in no mood to be groveling for anyone’s forgiveness. “Don’t care.”

Kara shrugged and disappeared from the rooftop without another word. Lee sighed, and shoved his hands into his pocket as he turned to go. He was almost back to the street when he heard her voice again.

“Thought you wanted in, Leland?”

He spun back. Kara held the door open for him with one eyebrow cocked.

“Limited time offer,” she said. “Use it or lose it.”

Lee almost smiled as he walked back to the building. But right as he approached the front step, Kara pulled the door shut. There was a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips as she mouthed from the other side, “Whoops. Too slow.”

“I can walk through walls, you know,” he replied matter-of-factly.

And Kara opened the door.

—To Be Continued—
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