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Bingo Cards

These are a series of bingos from bsg_kink and no_takebacks.
True Pleasure (Kara/Leoben) - caged, drugged, DUBCON-ISH?
The Truth (Cally/Jammer) - mirror, cheating
The Best Medicine (Kara/Lee) - fire, wild card (hurt/comfort) CUDDLING
Best Served Cold (Joseph/Daniel) - headspace, genital torture NONCON
Her Way (Kara/Lee) - vanilla kink, ball-gag

Great Reward (Kara/Lee)  queening stool, decadence, wild card (outdoor sex), fire, medal of honor

Kara/Lee Set 1 - Ambrosia, Raptor, Dream, Kiss, Zak
Kara/Lee Set 2- Commitment, Joy, Uncertainty, Fear, Hope

True Pleasure (Kara/Leoben) - caged, drugged, DUBCON-ISH?
Slumped against the front door, sedative coursing through her veins, Kara still lashes out when he approaches her. Fists and fingernails, swings going wide. Leoben kneels beside her, hands closing around her wrists. Another man could take advantage of her in a situation like this. 

Not him. It hurts him to see her like this, to see what she does to herself. 

One day, they will make love. She will take him inside her body the way she will take the truth of her destiny into her heart. That alone is the only way he could take pleasure in her.

The Truth (Cally/Jammer) - mirror, cheating
Cally watches the way their bodies writhe together, curving and distorting in the cast iron pot in the makeshift kitchen across from the bed. 

“What’s wrong?” he asks, breathless beneath her. “Why did you stop?”

She shakes her head, turning back to him and kisses him soundly. “Nothing, forget it,” she murmurs, hips shifting and drawing him in deeper. 

She loves Galen, she does, but he’s never there—wrapped up in his union work. He doesn’t know her, not the way Jammer does—or Socinus did—can’t make her come the way she needs.

She still can’t watch her reflection.

The Best Medicine (Kara/Lee) - fire, wild card (hurt/comfort) CUDDLING
Lee only finds out about the scars after she’s spiked a fever. She returned from slogging through the mud on Kobol with an infection, and ended up flat on her back in her rack chugging antibiotics. 

“Got shot,” she says, pulling the blanket around her. “Frak, it’s freezing.”

He gets her a blanket from his rack, but she says it doesn’t help. 

Lee toes off his boots and crawls under the covers, wrapping his arms around her, tucking his body against hers. Just for warmth, he tells himself, but can’t help wondering if this closeness is really what she’s needed.

Best Served Cold (Joseph/Daniel) - headspace, genital torture NONCON
Daniel recognizes the dark empty room as his own creation—a holding bay of sorts for the V-world—but everything else is distinctly foreign. His virtual body sits on the floor, hands bound and anchored behind his back. He is naked, exposed. 

From the darkness, Joseph appears, in full suit, staring down at him from beneath the brim of his fedora. He plants one polished shoe between Daniel’s spread legs before delivering a swift kick to his groin. The relay sends pain coursing through his body and he cannot move his hands to remove the holoband. 

Joseph loosens his tie.

Her Way (Kara/Lee) - vanilla kink, ball-gag
It’s not that sex with Lee isn’t good. Great, even. They don’t call him Apollo for nothing. But for all of Lee’s schedules and routines and strategies being successful in the cockpit, it isn’t so successful in the rack. 

So when he comes to their quarters that night, Kara dogs the hatch and tosses him down on the bed, straddling him. She pulls the ball-gag out from where she’s hidden it under the pillow.

“Tonight we’re doing it my way,” she says with a grin, presses a scrap of fabric into his hand. “Drop this if it gets too rough.”

Great Reward (Kara/Lee)  queening stool, decadence, wild card (outdoor sex), fire, medal of honor
Kara watched dim firelight danced on the surface of the medal—pinned to her discarded jacket—from where she knelt in the soft dirt. Pomp and circumstance—honors for leading them to this lush planet.

But the real reward is this—Lee beneath her, between her legs, tongue lapping at her clit, worshipping her body like the only goddess he believes in-every caress driving her closer to her third climax of the night.

And on this planet, there’s nothing to stop them from doing this every frakking day.


“Come on,” Lee muttered, as Kara dragged him into the empty storage unit. “It’s late, I’m tired, whatever it is can we do it in the morning?”

“Lee, I don’t care how frakked up things have gotten, we’re not going to skip our anniversary.” 

The word smacked him upside the head. One year. One year they’d been holding this secret, officiated by Elosha just after Colonial Day. Married.

“You forgot.” Kara handed him a glass of ambrosia--where’d she get that? “Didn’t you, Mr. Thrace?” 

“It’s not Mr. Thrace.”

“Yeah it is,” Kara smirked, kissing him hard. 

“Yeah it is.”


She doesn’t wait. 

Before the hydraulic hiss of the raptor’s hatch opening, Kara crosses the deck in long strides only a beat away from running. She needs to see it for herself, she’s heard and held her breath. 

She just wants to see him, just to make sure that the SAR team hadn’t botched the rescue. Wants to make sure that he’s breathing. He needs to be breathing. As long as he’s breathing he’ll be there to back her up in the future. 

Medics shove her out of the way, but she sees his chest rise and fall. 

He’s alive.


Kara will never tell him; he knows her well enough to know that. 

Watching the way she curls up, looking almost small, under the tarp—he knows something is wrong, something went wrong, back on Caprica. Maybe she thinks she’s fooling them all, but he knows that something just isn’t right. 

She tosses in her sleep, the crinkle of her body on the plastic, loud in the otherwise quiet night. He puts a hand on her shoulder, nudges gently, and her eyes bolt open with a gasp. 

She doesn’t tell him about the nightmare. Rolls over. Goes back to sleep. 


Some heavy knot in her chest breaks loose at the sight of Lee’s face, broad and grinning and grateful to see her. Not the welcome home she had expected, not the way they’d parted. The grin is infectious and before she knows it, she’s smiling too. 

Lee wraps her in his arms as she wraps her arms around him and he holds her close, more of a hug than he’s ever given her before. And when he pulls back he doesn’t let her go, pulls her in again and kisses her soundly. 

Definitely not the welcome home she had expected


“Zak was dead long before the colonies got nuked.” It’s not the best way to start the conversation, Kara knows, but she doesn’t know how else to ask why Lee’s putting Zak’s photograph on the remembrance wall. 

Lee gives her a sideways look, and there’s a weary sadness in his face. “I used to visit his grave,” he said. “Every year. I guess I wanted a place where I could go to remember him. Not that I ever forget. I just wanted a place. Three years today.”

Together, they stand, Kara's shoulder pressed to his. “We must be getting old.”


It registers as bizarre somewhere in the back of Kara’s mind. She’d always imagined when this moment came; she’d be close to paralyzed with dread. Fear, worries, regrets. 

With the exception of triad or dogfights, Kara knew her lucky streaks tended to have expiration dates. Somewhere down the line, something was inevitably going to get frakked, and leave disaster and shrapnel in her wake. So, she had a tendency of avoiding this kind of thing to begin with. 

But instead, with Lee standing in front of her – blue eyes lit up with joy – all she felt was serenity. 

“I do.”


Lee trips, landing heavily on Kara as they tumble into his rack. Their rack. In their quarters. Kara’s breath whooshes out laughing; Lee swallows it in a hasty kiss. His hands are all over her, fumbling at her clothes like a schoolboy trying any way possible to get them off of her and smiling all the while. 

“I love you,” Kara says. 

If it’s possible for Lee to smile even brighter, he does. 

Later, listening to the sound of Lee’s breathing even out as he falls asleep, Kara thinks if this is “marital bliss,” she could get used to it.


They fight. 

It happens. She’s cranky in the morning and he can just be so frakking insufferable with his logic and whatever. And the entire Pegasus knows when it’s happens. (The Commander and the CAG are at it again.)

But it never lasts long. By the end of the day, he feels guilty and probably horny, and so does she, and the makeup sex is possibly the best kind that they do. She wonders sometimes, if they fight just to have it. 

It works. They actually work together. 

Sometimes Kara finds herself wondering why she was ever uncertain it would. 


Kara tells Lee her trip to Galactica is to see The Old Man, and they laugh about the ridiculous moustache he’s been growing, and Lee can’t tell she’s lying to him. 

The raptor ride over makes her nauseous, just like everything seems to these days. In sickbay, Cottle draws blood and she throws up waiting for the results. She knows the answer before the doc even tells her. 

She does drop by the Old Man’s office before she leaves. He smiles when he sees her, hugs her like she’s his daughter. Part of his family. 

It helps ease her worry. 


There are so many ways this could go wrong. 

First off, the war is over. For now. But that doesn’t mean the cylons aren’t going to find them again, someday. 

Actually, first, she doesn’t have a damned clue how to do this, but she’s pretty sure she’s going to find some way to frak it up. 

But the way Lee looks at her when she tells him, the way he pulls her into his arms, holds her close, makes her think that maybe things are turning out okay.

And with his help, maybe, she won’t actually frak up their kid.

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