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Title: Chemistry
Authors rayruz
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: PG-13 for Tony dropping the F-bomb
Characters: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner
Summary: Based on workerbee73's It's of You I'd Dream, Tony masterminds a plan to fix-up Clint and Natasha
Length: ~350 words

Tony knows what's happening the moment he sees Natasha and Legolas eyefucking each other across the table. He'd like to think he was the master of the art, but the two assassins almost put his technique to shame. Almost. 
The barge-in (Tony would later insist was accidental) was simply a matter of confirming what he already knew. The ten dollars in his pocket from Rodgers was just icing on the cake. 
A few days later, it all goes to shit. 
Tony's seen his share of broken hearts, but hell truly hath no fury like a couple of professional killers scorned. Everyone walked around these days like any misstep would set the place off like a powder keg. Not exactly what Tony thinks of as a good time. 
And that's when he has a brilliant idea. (Well his latest brilliant idea. They're all brilliant.) 
When he parts ways with Barton, he makes his way to Bruce's lab, and finds him (as usual) hunched over a computer typing away. He doesn't even look up when Tony walks in, which is something of a disappointment. He's able to plant a hand next to the keyboard and lean in close before Bruce even acknowledges him. (He doesn't jump, which means he knew Tony was there the whole time, which disappoints him even more. Makes him interested even more.)
"How did things go on this end?" Tony asks. 
Bruce adjusts his glasses. "We had a long talk. Well, as long as a talk as Natasha will ever really have about herself."
"I encouraged her to stop running. What about you? How did things go with Clint?"
Tony shrugs. "I told him he was being fucking blind for someone with preternaturally enhanced eyesight." 
Bruce lets out a small laugh. "I suppose that's more or less the point. Nothing left to do now but wait and see what happens. I just hope our experiment doesn't end in a disastrous explosion." 
Tony sits down on the edge of the desk and grins. "Yeah, but that's the fun of playing with unstable elements."

Tags: #avengers: bruce banner, #avengers: tony stark, gift fic, length: 101-499, rating: pg-13
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