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Speaking [not] in Tongues

Title: Speaking [not] in Tongues
Authors: rayruz
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: PG
Characters: Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff
Length: 400
Notes:  Written for avengerkink  prompt: During a battle or some group outing Thor sees Clint waving his hands strangely at a group of people and doesn’t understand why. When he asks about it he realizes that the Allspeak doesn’t seem to stretch to sign language.

Thor was confounded by many things in Midgard. He came to accept this as a simple inevitability. The Allspeak, however, was the most useful tool. There was no one he could not communicate with and found that most Midgardians were willing to help him comprehend their ways. Or at least his friends. In the Land of Manhattan more Midgardians gave him strange looks and gestures before hurrying on their way.

That is why, when they finish a glorious battle against a small Skrull army, he finds himself greatly confused at the Stone of Cold. Thor was the first to obtain his glorious frozen milk treat filled with candies, and sat at a table watching the others. Barton’s hands and arms made wild motions and Thor wondered if he was being attacked by a small fly army. The Lady Natasha was by his side, though, so he had no worries.

“Friend Clint,” Thor called as the two warriors approached the table. “Are you having difficulties with your hands?”

Lady Natasha swatted at the insects Thor could not see.

“It’s sign language, Thor,” Clint said as he sat at the table. He seemed unwilling to speak further but Natasha gave him a nudge under the table. “I’m deaf.”

Thor’s brow furrowed. “What’s means deaf?”

“I can’t hear.”

Thor used greater projection in his voice. “What means deaf?!”

“Okay, I think I felt that one,” Clint said, rubbing at his temples.

“He does not have the ability to hear,” Lady Natasha clarified.

Not having the ability to hear? Thor had never heard of such a thing before. “How then have we been able to communicate thus far?”

“I have hearing aids, they’re practically invisible, but they got damaged during the battle. It’s going to be a few days before I can get a new set.” Thor noticed that Barton was maintaining impeccable focus. “I can read lips, but sometimes it’s just easier if Natasha translates for me.”

“And that is the sign language?” Thor asked, waiting for confirmation. “You speak with your hands?”

“Pretty much,” Clint said, taking a bite of his ice cream.

“Delightful!” Thor decided. “I knew you are a brave warrior, but you are even stronger than I once thought. Congratulations on overcoming your weakness!”

Lady Natasha signed away, turning his words into hand signals. Thor decided it looked beautiful.

Barton blinked. “Uh... thanks. I think.”

“Now, teach me more!”

Tags: #avengers: clint barton, #avengers: natasha romanoff, #avengers: thor odinson, length: 101-499, rating: g/pg
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