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I Can't Feel A Thing

Title: I Can't Feel A Thing
Rating: PGish
Words: 297
Characters: Eve
A/N: Five months after NFA

She used to have a cushy job. She used to have a nice place. She used to be in the loop with the world and it’s end. Now here she was, leaning over a motel toilet puking her guts out with no one to hold her hair out of her face.

She left Los Angeles in a hurry that night. There wasn’t any time to stop or look for anyone or anything, otherwise she would have died as well. Perhaps that would have been better. She had been expecting the world to end, so it didn’t much matter where she was at the time. She just couldn’t be there. That was five months ago.

Gripping the edge of the sink, she pulled herself to her feet, wobbling for a moment but managing to steady herself. She glanced at her tired reflection in the mirror then looked down at her swollen belly.

“He’s not coming for you,” Angel had told her.

He was wrong. Lindsey was here the whole time.

Heavily and awkwardly she made her way over to the bed and sat down.  “She’s pretty as a picture… she is like a golden ring…” she sang softly. “That was your daddy’s and my song…” she whispered.

At night, when she closed her eyes, she imagined what life would have been like. Her, Lindsey, and the baby. But it was no use thinking it. She feared the day the child would be born. She was afraid it would look like him, that she couldn’t hold it without her heart breaking all over.

Perhaps there could be a way for them to be a family. He wasn’t coming for her, but she could go to him. She lay back and closed her eyes. Too tired, maybe in the morning.