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A Battlestar Galactica and Buffyverse Archive

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BSG, Buffyverse, and Marvel Fanfiction Archive

Did I Fall Asleep?- BSG/Dollhouse crossover. PG-13 Paul Ballard meets a new handler, just transferred from the Dollhouse in London. His name is Lee Josephs and it is the second time this week Paul has been struck with the most intense feeling of déjà vu he’s ever had. (in two parts, plus two followups, "From the Ashes" and "Strangers")
All This Has Happened Before- BSG/Dollhouse Crossover. Paul Ballard gets a visit from Head!Six. Loosely related to DIFA.

Fight the Break of Dawn- BSG/Hunger Games crossover. Lee Adama is nineteen when his younger brother’s name is drawn from the reaping ball. PG-13, Kara/Lee, Katniss/Gale, written for help_haiti for callmeonetrack and thrace_adama (One-Shot)

Out of the Black- BSG/Firefly Crossover. Right before the jump to Earth, the fleet comes into contact with a small ship of non-Colonial origin. Mostly Gen (with canonical pairings and a little Kara/Lee), Full Cast. AU at the end of BSG S4.0. Original version still at ootbverse (8 Chapters + Epilogue)

Scars that Words have Carved
BSG/Buffyverse Crossover, NC-17. Lieutenant Faith Lehane is transferred to Galactica by Fisk, after sowing discord in the wake of Cain's death. Lee Adama suddenly finds himself with another problem pilot and Kara Thrace finds herself dealing with someone who seems to get her, more than she feels comfortable with. Lee/Kara, Kara/Faith, Faith/Kat (9 Chapters)

Crossover Ficlets

A Day In San Fransisco- The Scooby Gang investigate paranormal activity in San Fransisco, crossover with A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.

Hush Little Baby- “Susan Mayer’s excessive klutziness is enough to even drive away The Gentlemen” or “Did you know that one of the sets in Hush is the set used for Wisteria Lane?” or “Julie the Vampire Slayer” (Buffyverse/Desperate Housewives crossover)

Kaeru Frog- The frog shaped charm in Jaye Tyler’s car is talking to her. (Buffyverse/Wonderfalls crossover)

Killing Justine Cooper- After Wesley leaves Justine stranded and handcuffed, she realizes that she just cannot go on living the way she is. Crossover with The L Word. I completely ignore TLW canon in this ficlet.

Prophets- Kara Thrace/Janis Hawk Flashforward Crossover. Written for bsg_pornbattle

Something Beautiful- Kara Thrace/Martin Klar, written for bsg_pornbattle BSG/Dollhouse crossover.

You’re Welcome- Angel/BSG Crossover, Kara, Cordelia, Kara is a genuine, bona-fide, real McCoy Champion for the Powers that Be.

What’s A Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This- Tara, Doyle, and Wash chill in the afterlife.

Wrong Side of the Bed- Buffy/Tru Calling Crossover, a young woman killed by a bullet to the chest is brought into the morgue. Can Tru stop her killer?

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Multi-Part Stories
No Haven For This Heart
- AU Season 3. A different set of circumstance and a different set of choices leave Kara struggling to get her life back to the way it used to be as she deals with the fallout from her recent captivity and a secret she's been keeping from Lee Adama for more than a year.

One-Shot fics

Almost Like Living- NC-17, Lee pays Kara a visit a week after Zak's passing. Written for bsg_pornbattle

Bad Reputation- PG-13, Kara and Helo. Pre-Mini. She realized that there must be a bathroom stall with the words “For a good time, call Kara Thrace” etched into the wall.

Fancy Manuevers- Kara/Lee, NC-17, AU (in the And I Feel Fine universe, sort of), post-Hand of God. Pegging. PWP.

Game On- Kara/Lee, PG, Pre-mini, AU, Kara drags Lee into a game of Capture the Flag right before the holiday break.

In Another Life- PG, Kara/Lee (sort of) BSG cast reincarnated in 2009. It's a ficlet that ran away from me. Written for workerbee73

Key- Kara and Lee find a cabinet of… interesting paraphernalia that once belonged to Admiral Cain.

Lullaby for a Stormy Night- PG Agathon Family. Helo and Sharon seek the help of a psychiatrist in the wake of problems after they’ve been reunited with Hera.
The Rain’ll Be Gone in the Morning- PG, Kara, Hera, a companion fic to Lullaby, Kara is left to care for Hera when contact is lost with the Agathon’s Raptor, forcing Kara to deal with some of her trauma from New Caprica.

Not the Colonial Dream- NC-17, written for the bsg_pornbattle. Kara/Lee. Shortly after the fleet arrives at New Caprica, Lee finds out a secret Kara's been carrying for nine weeks.
Not the Colonial Dream II-PG-13, followup to Not The Colonial Dream
Not The Colonial Dream Part III- After an unexpected pregnancy, Kara and Lee attempt to make this whole... parenting thing work. But when the Cylons return to New Caprica, will their mission interfere with their family?

Restless- Dreamfic. Kara/Lee, PG-13. A trip through Kara’s subconscious after her night with Lee on New Caprica. The Adamas are military royalty and Kara is no princess.

Shelter from the Storm- Kara/Lee PG-13, AU take on the Home episodes. Separated from the others, Kara and Lee have to wait out a storm together.

Summer Has Come and Passed (The Innocent Can Never Last)- Starbuck, Boomer, Helo. PG. Written for karathracelives prompts "wishing for a sibling," "Sharon Valerii," and "Girl's night out."

When You Go, Don't Return (To me, my love)- After two visits to the emergency room, young Kara notices her mother beginning to act differently towards her. Warnings: Story focuses on child abuse, there no graphic depictions of abuse within the story, but mentions of canonical events.

Ficlets (100-1999 words)

10 Shakespeare Challenge
*What’s Done Cannot Be Undone- Kara/Lee, twist on the flashback from UB

And I Feel Fine- Kara, Lee, and the end of the world Written for bsg_pornbattle
Some Time Alone--The sequel to And I Feel Fine

Astronaut- Lee/Dee, PG-13 for darkish themes. What we didn't see in the episode Sacrifice- Why were Lee and Dee having drinks on Cloud 9 anyway? Inspired by a deleted scene from Black Market.

Better Than Chocolate- Lee brings Kara a "get better soon" gift after YCGHA.

Discipline- Gina/Cain shop talk Written for bsg_pornbattle

Ensign- Seelix. G. Her first trip to the Officers' Head after "Dirty Hands" Written for frak_that Prompt 001- Aboard Galactica

Favorite- What is Gina’s favorite thing about Helena Cain? written for bsg_pornbattle

Friends With Benefits- Written for bsg_remix. Remix of In The Hallway by scifishipper. Kara/Lee, R. AU after Res Ship 2.

The Heart Of The Problem- Kara's half naked and quoting poetry at Lee. Written for bsg_pornbattle

Hiding Place- Kara/Lee R, set during the Home episodes, written for Porn Battle VIII

Holiday Blues- Kara seems down in the dumps, Lee tries to cheer her up.

Husband and Wife- Kara and Lee, in the ready room, with the UST. (Post-Unfinished Business) written for bsg_pornbattle

I Haven't Thought of You Lately At All- Kara seeks some physical therapy to deal with sleepless nights after New Caprica.

Ink Stained- Kara finds out Lee has a seekrit tattoo.

Once In A Lifetime- K/L post-KLG pt 1, written for the no_takebacks rewatch.

One Step At A Time- The fleet celebrates finding a new home. Starbuck and Apollo find themselves alone in a field. All this has happened before...? Finale canon? What finale canon?

Partners in Crime--NC-17 written for bsg_pornbattle Kara and Lee reach the tippivng point of tension after their near-frak on Kara's living room table.

Silence- Things are strained between Helo and Athena after losing Hera. Written for bsg_pornbattle

Drabbles (located under tag “length: drabble”)
Another Man’s Treasure- Dreilide Thrace, The Doctor (Doctor Who Crossover)
Home for You- Kara, Adama Pre-Mini
Luckiest Man Alive- Adama/Roslin, A Disquiet Follows My Soul
On The Riverbank- Kara, Roslin Post-Daybreak



25 Fluffy Fics Challenge- Lots of Willow/Tara Fluff

Doppelganger- Vampire Willow appears in Buffy Season 4. R.

Underneath It All- INCOMPLETE. See A Tale in 50 Sentences Willow/Fred

10 Moments in the Life Of Series- Includes Buffy, Dawn, The Chosen Three, Fred, Xander, Willow, Gunn, Amy, Faith, and Tara

One Shots

A Tale in 50 Sentences Willow/Fred- AU Angel Season 5, Willow comes to work for Wolfram and Hart, spying for the Watchers Council, and finds comfort in a source she never imagined.

50 Sentences about Willow and Tara- Exactly what the title says. Does not have the same consistency as the Willifred one. Has sentences set in Seasons 4-7, the season 8 comics, and JetWolf’s The Chosen.

Anywhere But Here- AU at the end of Season 6, Darkfic. Willow delves into an emotional darkness after her run as Dark Willow, Giles hides the incident from the others, Xander discovers it, and Buffy cares. 4 bits in first person POV.

Be Real Again- AU between Buffy S7 and the S8 comics. A trippy exploration of The Wishverse and The NormalAgainverse. Buffy’s been in a mental institution for 7 years, whatever was keeping her delusional seems to have resolved itself, but something still doesn’t feel right to her.

Bonded- AU Fight scene at the end of Graduation Day part 1 with a Buffy/Faith twist. R

Cardboard Boxes- End of Buffy S7/Angel S4, the Scooby Gang takes refuge in LA as Angel Investigations prepares to leave the Hyperion Hotel.

Demon Girls- Tara and Anya share a round of drinks at the Espresso Pump.

The Philosophy of Vegan Vampires- Buffy Season 3, Innocent debate about a Weekly World News article disrupts a Scooby Gang study session to disasterous results.

What They Don’t Teach You In Slayer School- Buffy Season 8, Satsu/Rowena. Pure smut. R.

Ficlets 100-999 words

10 Jossverse Haikus- Exactly what it sounds like it is…

A Parent Should Never Have To- An AU exploration of Joyce’s reaction to the end of season 5.

A Romantic Evening- Fred and Gunn go on a stakeout.

A Situation Where Booze Is Required to Stay Sane- Dawn/Connor, it’s not actually that awkward is it?

A Short Vacation on the Other Side- Kennedy’s random short mystical death before the Season 8 comics.

Before the Full Moon- Even when he can’t see her, Oz can feel the wolf in Veruca calling out to him.

Crisis of Faith- Riley’s always been a good Christian boy, Buffy thinks religion is creepy.

Complicity- The Initiative is a machine. A well oiled, well ordered, well trained machine. But like a machine, it needs each part to keep functioning.

Daddy’s Little Girl- Faith can do the Slayer thing on her own, and the Mayor couldn’t ask for a better daughter.

Eleven Minutes- The Scooby Gang live through the most unbearable night of their lives, directly follows The Gift.

Everything Will be Alright Tomorrow Four stories of the calm before the storm. Doyle and Cordela, Anya and Xander, Willow and Tara, Wesley and Fred.

Gem of Amara--revisited- Cracky little AU about Spike finding the Gem of Amara

I Can’t Feel A Thing, The End of the Beginning- Companion pieces, Lindsey and Eve at the end of Not Fade Away.

I’d Give My Life For Yours- Darla reflects on her unnaturally long life

Lies- Priya recovers Victor's memories, and grapples with how much has changed.

Living La Vida Scooby- The Hellmouth tends to get a little less hellmouthy around June. The Scoobies take a night off from patrol (between season 4 and 5)

Love, Willow- Willow writes Buffy an email after she’s run away. Set between BTVS S2 and S3

Loving Her- Tara confronts Spike on his obsession with Buffy, Season 6.

Lying Still- Faith lies in a coma for 8 months while the hospital staff grapples with their feelings about caring for a killer.

Mother’s Little Girl- Tara’s family finds out about her sexual orientation.

Perfect Freak- Faith sees the prison shrink.

Pretend You’re Not There- Tara’s freshman year at UC Sunnydale.

Shanshu Part 1, Shanshu Part 2- Angel fulfills the Shanshu Prophecy and is given life as a human by the name of Seeley Booth. Somewhere between PG and PG-13.

So Stay With Me (And Hold Me Tight)- Tony/Priya post-The Hollow Men, R. Written for More Joy Day for thrace_adama

Spellcasters Anonymous- Spoof of AA pamphlet.

Teady Bears, Tea, and Trauma- Dawn insert into the episode Ted.

Tension Filled Night in the Summers’ House- Mmm tasty tension in a house filled past capacity, BTVS S7

These Walls- Willow and Tara move into Joyce’s room, preparing themselves to be Dawn’s mother figures.

Visitor- Angel visits Jenny’s grave before going to console Buffy at Joyce’s gravesite.

Xander Harris Girlfriend Material- Xander wonders if Renee has what it takes to be his girlfriend.

You Are My Sunshine- Lorne’s special gift is really a curse.

You Can’t Let it Go- Between Buffy S7 and the S8 Comics, Xander receives word that Cordelia has passed away.

Heh… Soooo many drabbles, this is more a table of contents, and you can find them by the link above or by title.

The Answer- Willow, S6 after Wrecked, before Older and Far Away
Apart from the Stars- Willow, S7
Ask Giles- Dawn, Giles S5
Bargaining- D’Hoffryn, Willow S5
The Best Man- Willow, Xander, Willow/Tara S6 Hell’s Bells
Change of Seasons- Faith, AtS S2
Children’s Songs- Illyria (The humans go marching one by one…)
Daydreaming- Anya, Tara, Willow/Tara S6 Hell’s Bells
The Demon Within- Mr. Maclay Pre-Series
The Difference Between- Faith, AtS S3
Do I Know You?- Dawn, Hank Post-Chosen
Don’t Quit Your Day Job- Fred/Gunn S3
A Flash Before My Eyes- Buffy/Riley S6
A Girl and her Puppy- Vamp!Willow, Angel Wishverse
A Good Thing- Fred, Cordelia S2/S3
Goodbye… or Not- Sam/Riley S6
Haunted- Faith, BTVS S3
Jealousy- Cordelia, Anya, Xander/Renee S8 Comics
Just Can’t Wait- Willow/Tara S6 end of Entropy
Just Like A Sleepover- Chloe, S7
Let’s Do The Time Warp Again- Scooby Gang discovers an interesting photo of Giles, S4
Long, Long Time Ago- Buffy/Angel VERY Post-NFA
Loser- Willow, Vamp!Tara, Chaos Bleeds
Lost and Found- Giles, Anya S7
Love Makes You Do the Wacky- Andrew/Warren
Making it Work- Willow/Kennedy, S7
Moving Back In- Tara, S6
New Sheets- Xander, set in JetWolf’s The Chosen
Never The Same- Willow, S7
Nothing Can Make It Better- Willow/Tara S5 Blood Ties
Oh, My- Willow/Tara
On The Sidelines- Tara, Scoobies S4/5
Once Upon A Time A Long Time After Now- Spike/Dru, post-NFA
Persuasion- Lee deMarco, AtS S3/S4
Preparations- Willow/Tara, pre-Family
Programming Error- Buffyboy, Willow/Tara S5/S6
Post-Slayage Activities- Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Angel S3
Put The Blame Where It Belongs- Willow, Season 6
Roommates- Tara, Candyce, S3 based on Buffy Between the Lines
RSVP- Buffy, Xander, Dawn S6/S7
Same Workld- Buffy, S8 Comics
Shifting Power- Buffy/Riley Pre-Series
So Glad- Buffy, Xander, Willow Season 1
A Sobering Mirror- Giles, Wesley, Andrew AtS S5
Spike Learns a Lesson in Littering- The biggest piece of FAIL I’ve ever written
Still Stuck- Willow/Tara after Older and Far Away
Suburbia- Faith, Set in JetWolf’s The Chosen
Surprise!- Buffy, Giles S4 before Living Conditions
Sweet Night Air- Buffy/Riley, S4/S5
Talent Show Director- Giles, S1 the Puppet Show
This Means War- Andrew, Chrissie, set in JetWolf’s The Chosen
This Should Be Interesting- Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Hazel set in JetWolf’s The Chosen
Together- Buffy, Dawn, S5
Waiting- Tara, Post-Seeing Red
Want, Take, Have- Buffy/Faith S3
Waterworks- Darla/Dru, that flashback in The Girl in Question
Wild Goose Chase- Dawn, Kit, Carlos, Buffy, Xander S7
The Wild World of Nerds- Dawn, Andrew, Xander set in JetWolf’s The Chosen
What Friends are For- Willow, Xander S1
When Is Buffy Getting Back?- Willow, Xander S1/S2

Other Fandoms
Sarah Vs The New Life
- Chuck Fandom. Set roughly between Couchlock and Aisle of Terror, Sarah does some thinking about her life as it is.

Diggy- Pushing Daisies
Laundry- Doctor Horrible, Post Act 3
The Chronicles of Special People Who Ended Up In Sunnydale Because of a Vampire- Bones, Tru Calling, Pushing Daisies, Buffy and More crossover